Thessaly Lerner

Creative Services


An insatiable creator, Thessaly Lerner, is constantly developing/pitching/executing new ideas, including TV shows, screenplays, social media microstory content, videos, songs, companies and cute crafty things. A story/character and microstory specialist, she creates and provides creative consulting/ideating for the TV-Film/Entertainment, social-media, tech, marketing industries.


Lerner is a writer for TV/Film, specializing in comedy and animation, a songwriter, copywriter and playwright. She writes drama, comedy, 11 minute and 3 minute animation, podcasts, documentary, voiceover, animated features, plays, voiceover copy, songs, jingles, theme songs, provides punchup, editing and more.


Lerner produces TV, Film, theater, voiceover, live-action and social media marketing campaigns, music, animation and more. She was the executive/line/supervising producer of Dreamworks TV's Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer.


Lerner directs everything from voiceover to animation to film/TV and theater, including talent of all levels, from kids to celebrities. She co-directed Dreamworks TV’s Astrid Strudelman the Unicorn Whisperer animated series and specializes in directing improv, comedy and voiceover (commercial and animation).

Voiceover Coaching/Consulting

Thessaly Lerner is one of the best voiceover coaches in the business, handsdown.
-Adam Harrington, Voiceover Actor (Walking Dead/Wolf Among Us/League of Legends/BAFTA Nominee)

Lerner coaches, consults and directs in person or over Skype. She is currently located in Atlanta, and is often in LA and SF.

$125/hr via Skype, $150/hr in the studio.

VO Demos

Voxrorama aka Lerner and Paul Hollman of The Dubroom Studio have been producing custom voiceover demos together since 2008. Listen here: Voxorama. $1300/demo. Includes private coaching session, custom scripts, record session in studio and fully-produced demo with music and sfx.

Voiceover Casting

Lerner has worked in VO casting since 1999. She has cast/VO directed for Dreamworks TV, School of Humans and others, including TV, film, animation, commercials, narration, ADR, looping, videogames and more.

Documentary-Style/Real People Casting

Lerner specializes in documentary-style/real people casting. She’s cast projects for Google, Apple, Ford, Dodge, Viva Papertowels, Johnson and Johnson, Volkswagon, Cooking Channel, Microsoft and many more. She works frequently with DSCasting Company and School of Humans.

Creative Consulting

Ideas - Solutions - Story and Character Development – Branding-Marketing - Voiceover Coaching and more. In person or over the Interweb. Email for rates & current location.


The Ukulady’s Cartooniverse aka Lerner’s animation mini-studio with Will Guy of Goopymart, creates/develops/produces animated content including TV shows, commercials, music videos, educational videos and more. Watch our 13 episode short series, Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer, on Dreamworks TV’s Amazon Prime Channel. Email for samples, rates and more info.