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The Ukulady

The Ukulady

Thessaly Lerner is a musical performer and songwriter known as THE UKULADY

Described as the “Love Child” of Gilda Radner, PeeWee Herman and Cyndi Lauper, The Ukulady has over 2 million hits on Youtube, 3 albums, has opened for Dr. Demento, been spotted/heard on Sirius Kids Place Live, Craigslist TV, National Lampoon Radio NPR, Nickelodeon, The New York Times, The Fillmore, comedy clubs, gay bars, schools, libraries, parades, festivals, birthdays, funerals and more. She was on Mark Burnett’s never-aired TV show “Jingles”, performing for judge, Gene Simmons and is co-founder of a children’s record label, Mopp’s Music, along with Trixie Garcia (daughter of Jerry Garcia) and Devin McDonald (son of Country Joe McDonald & owner of Mr. Mopp’s Toy Store in Berkeley, CA).

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The Ukulady is available for live shows for all ages and occasions. Keep up with the Ukulady on Facebook or Instagram.

Download “To The Downfall of Evil” on iTunes and listen to more music at SoundCloud.


The Ukulady is 1/2 of the ukulele duo, Kit'n'Tenders, along with Gabby La La. KT writes and performs harmony-driven songs with ukulele and toy accordion. Download their album, Paws Out!

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